How do I contribute?

There are a lot of ways to contribute to this knowledge base. Let's break them down in levels of effort.

Level 0 - Just an email

Shoot an email to and simply suggest a change or request something in particular be added. Adding links and anything else that can help generate the content you want added really helps. This can be as simple as: "Please add some of the awesome stuff in XYZ presentation from DerbyCon 2015, here is a link to the slides: "

Level 1 - Github Issues

While the email method is good enough, it doesn't really make it easy to track things, or give anyone else the ability to contribute the change you want added. Github Issue tracker helps with this. You will need a Github account, but once you have one all you have to do is go to:

and submit an issue, again, with as much information as you can.

Level 2 - Github Pull Request

This is the most appreciated method of contribution since it's the least amount of work on our side to get things merged it. And I'll leave it people who are better at explaining it than I to walk you through your first pull request:

Adding this video for now, will do my own when I have the time

Want to contribute? Get in touch!
Last updated on 5th Jul 2017